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      The Upcoming .18th China (Guzhen) . International Lighting..









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      The Upcoming .18th China (Guzhen)  .  International Lighting

         Nowadays, the decorative lighting industry is growing vigorously and showing a new development trend along with accelerated industrial transformation and upgrading. Products are being upgraded faster as well as technical research and development, marketing and consciousness of intellectual property rights have been further boosted. Meanwhile, the raw and auxiliary materials of decorative lighting, production facilities and business services have seen constant improvement. The 18th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (autumn) (hereinafter referred to as Guzhen Lighting Fair) to be held in Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center of China's Lighting Capital Guzhen in Zhongshan City, Guangdong during October 22-26, 2016, is sparing no expense to meet this goal. Meanwhile, the Guzhen LED Strip Light Lighting Quotation

           Manufacturing & Supply Expo 2016, devoted to serving the upstream industry chain of decorative lighting, and the Guzhen Lighting Business Services Expo 2016, aiming to serve the downstream industry chain, will make a debut to integrate resources again and attract more enterprises with original design and high technology content. Through the “collaboration of exhibitions and stores” and in league with five major sub venues, a one-stop decorative lighting exhibition is upcoming, which will cover the whole industry. Lighting Buy LED Power  LED Strip Light Lighting Picture

         Since the industry of the decorative lighting market of Guzhen has gradually improved, lighting accessories, light sources, special materials, processing equipment and other specialized supporting industries have emerged, working closely with the product assembly enterprises. As a result, the decorative lighting industrial center of Guzhen has formed a long-acting and sound decorative lighting manufacturing chain. Coupled with changes in the economic environment and the thriving of a variety of sales channels such as Internet, trade, circulation and other aspects being increasingly highlighted, the businesses serving the decorative lighting industry has spring up like mushrooms and keep growing with each passing day.

           Keeping abreast with the market trends and demand, the preparatory committee of the Guzhen Lighting Fair is going all out to prepare the Guzhen Lighting Manufacturing & Supply Expo 2016 (hereinafter referred to as the Manufacturing Expo) and the Guzhen Lighting Business Services Expo 2016 (hereinafter referred to as the Business Services Expo) in order to supplement the 18th Guzhen Lighting Fair. The two new exhibitions aim to improve the upstream and downstream supporting industry chain of the decorative lighting manufacturing industry as well as build a platform matching the decorative lighting manufacturing and modern services. Through the “collaboration of several exhibitions” and focusing on two themes – “decorative lighting production and service”, the two new exhibitions will make a striking debut in the newly built Halls D and E.
      The two supporting exhibitions will make up for the shortage of venue varieties at the Guzhen Lighting Fair in the upstream and downstream service industry. The Manufacturing Expo will focus on the exhibitors engaged in machinery & equipment, lighting accessories & components, raw materials, 3D printing, etc. to serve the upstream decorative lighting industry. Whereas the Business Services Expo, will serve the design, circulation, finance and other downstream service industries. The three exhibitions will join hands to cover the whole industry  Lighting Buy LED Bulb


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