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      The Release. Conference for .Denggle . com . ...









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      The Release. Conference for .Denggle  .  com .

      On October 22, the release conference for Denggle.com was held at Forum & Conference Area of Hall C in Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. At the opening ceremony in the morning, with all guests clicking the tablet computers together, Denggle.com was officially launched on the internet. The release conference held at that afternoon was divided into two sections. In the first section, Shirley Pan , the chief operating consultant of JIAGLE.COM, CPhl.CN and SJGLE.COM of Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd, introduced the Denggle.com in depth to the audience and why should they choose Denggle.com; in the second section, the Denggle.com, as the one-stop B2B lighting procurement and trading platform launched by Guzhen, invited the general manager of Zhongshan Experience Center of Google AdWord from Zhongshan Jia Yan Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd to give a speech on how can we take advantage of the digital marketing in this internet age in bringing the Chinese lighting enterprises to the world. Lighting Wholesale Electrical Tool   Denggle.com,The Release Conference,The Release Conference for Denggle.com    Lighting Buy LED Display

      At the event, the presenter firstly introduced Denggle.com in detail to the audience. a one-stop B2B lighting procurement and trading platform launched with the great support from the China Association of Lighting Industry and Guzhen government and Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd. As being supported by the GILF, it aims at serving 6 billion people all around the world.
      Denggle.com,The Release Conference,The Release Conference for Denggle.com  Lighting Wholesale LED Display

      What’s more, in order to answer the questions raised by the audience such as why should they choose Denggle.com, the presenter made an extended analysis of the large group of buyers, various promotion channels and the integrated marketing of online and offline respectively. From different sections on  including the six major exhibition sections of Sinoexpo furniture, furniture manufacturing, hotel, decoration, leisure and cleaning, the users can get the information of over 10,000 selected suppliers, the data of 1 million professional buyers from over 160 countries and more than 2,000 high-end suppliers certified by the GILF. Over 20,000 selected high quality products and 200,000 professional buyers from 34 domestic province-level regions and 6 continents compose the large group of buyers. With various sections on there are many promotion channels for the GILF and its 5 major sessions, and the collaboration of Denggle.com and  with the GILF will contribute to the establishment of the “exhibition-Internet integration” type professional B2B trading platform, so as to realize the integration of online and offline marketing Lighting Brand LED Display


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