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      A Look at the .Lighting . F.estival









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      A Look at the .Lighting  . F.estival

        Bustling with excitement,Fans of lighting from across the country are packed tightly together.Just as lively as the Lighting Fair,Is this year’s Lighting Festival. 22nd October Evening 2016 Lighting Festival – Switch-On China’s Lighting Capital – Guzhen, Ecology Park, South Gate As the colored lasers illuminate the numbers on the south gate, Different themes light up all around. All those present are counting down, Eagerly awaiting the start of the Lighting Festival!  
      Lighting Festival,A Look at the Lighting Festival!  LED Display Lighting Quotation

      What’s the Lighting Festival like?Let’s take a closer look together!

        With the sweet-sounding    melody of the theme song for the Guzhen International Lighting Festival “Welcome to the World” playing, we start from “Dream’  s Gate”, pass through the “Time Tunnel” and “Return to the Future
      E  ntering the world of light  , we’re struck by the colorful lighting and think back to Sun Yat-sen’s ethics of integrity, justice, benevolence, filial piety and loyalty. Beneath the flickering stars, a crowd has gathered to watch a concert where they shout out “colorful Zhongshan” !  LED Display Lighting Picture

      People’s Square
        Now and then, a rainbow of colored lights flashes out from the “Time and Space” in the center of the square, conforming with the Roman columns and fountain. We’re led into the “Edge of Dreams” where even the tops of the trees are filled with halos of lights.

      Performances such as the “Water Screen Projections”, “Star Dome Light Films”, “Float Parade”, “Dragon Shows”, “Night Light Lions” are a spectacle to behold. Alongside the traditional folk performances and floats, this year there is also a sand concert, international food festival, a try-it-yourself light area, Sun Yat-sen themed 150th anniversary lantern carnival and more. Cultural elements are organically combined with lighting, mixing together to create a feast for the eyes.  Lighting Buy LED Backlight


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